Investment Criteria

Our ideal investee companies should have the following attributes;

  • Management

    We believe that the owners and management of our investee companies are critical to the continuous success of their business. We look for an experienced and dedicated management team with motivations and management philosophies that we can identify with.

  • Transparency

    Our investee companies should have a good corporate governance culture, and have easily understandable and transparent business model.

  • Sustainable competitive advantages

    Our investee companies should have competitive advantages in their field that will not be easily eroded away by low cost competition or upcoming technology.

  • Clear path to profitability and high growth potential

    Our investee companies should already be profitable, or have a clear path to profitability. They should operate in industries that are defensible against external economic shocks and offer them good opportunities to build their businesses.

  • Clear exit path

    As an investor, we realize our investment return through timely divestment. Prior to any investment, we will work closely with investee companies to map out a realistic exit plan, including IPO, trade sale or buyback.