Investment Strategies

Venstar seeks to generate investment return by building a diversified portfolio of promising companies in Asia, and actively participating in the growth of our investee companies.

We are focused on Asia including Singapore, China and South East Asia, which is characterised by a large population, a growing middle income group, rapid economic growth, and rapid urbanization and industrialisation. We like industries that are the beneficiaries of rising consumption and rapid industrialisation in Asia, including agriculture, FMCG, healthcare, services, energy, resources, environmental engineering, manufacturing and high technology.

We prefer to invest in expansion stage companies. We typically take non-controlling stake in our investee companies and our investment amount
ranges from S$2 million to S$15 million. We are flexible with the investment structure, focusing on alignment of interest with our investee companies.

We are actively involved in the business development and corporate governance of investee companies. We are typically represented on the Board of Directors of our investee companies, and when necessary, we advise our investee companies on improving their capital management, operations and corporate governance.
Post-investment, we are actively involved in planning the capital requirements of our investee companies, and preparing our investee companies for their IPOs.