Our Profile

Headquartered in Singapore, Venstar is a pan-Asia private equity group that prides itself on its commitment to investment excellence. Our Partners have combined experience of more than 50 years in venture capital and private equity fund management, business advisory and consultancy, and investment banking. We have managed a total of 5 venture capital and private equity funds, and have invested in over 50 companies in Asia of which over 30 of the companies are successfully divested through IPOs in Singapore or Hong Kong, or through a trade sale.

We are particularly strong in the management of Global Investors Program (“GIP”) funds, with more than 20 years of relevant experience. We launched our Venstar series of GIP funds from 2009, and have successfully raised more than S$170 million for Venstar I and Venstar II funds.

Venstar invests mainly in expansion stage companies in Singapore, China and South East Asia. We invest in both traditional and new growth industries such as environmental engineering, petrochemical, resources and energy, exploration and production, medical devices and services, pharmaceuticals, offshore marine, clean energy, and other growth manufacturing sectors.

Venstar offers to our investees our industry experience, our investment and market network, and our capital market expertise.